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th_timepeace: th-e timetravels = now|anowe

listen, if you wish = feel free, pleassse.


Created from Sounds of broken alarmClock transformed into alternative option_object: art-object of sound-art, a time_traveling micro-installation.

There are in_mixed_in a few improvised attempts (recorded “as-it-is", some basically unedited and some evolved) for something beautiful played within my sound_environment with tiny “limpet&stone” min_instrument, a gift from Tony Whitehead.

Composed and Recorded by Kwi in February – March 2016,
finalized on Patrick's Day.

Donations will be used for our family supplies of organic veggies and fruit, thankTHANK yoooooou for your kind support!


released March 20, 2016


There is an alarm clock, actual physical sound-object, being posted to selected individual with included INSTRUCTIONS:

“Helloooooooo, this is a special INVITATION for you to CREATE one piece of music based on the idea of TIME (there is no limit in duration and the interpretation is completely free obviously) and sounds generated via included hardware …

(mininstrument created from old broken alarmclock).

When you’re finished with your improvisa_composi-tion: recordings, wetransfer IT (together with 1400x1400pixels IMAGE based on the clock-object within the context of your re_ality and relevant text/titles/credits) please to and “it” will be shared for everybody to listen HERE.

Then, forward all this (if posted, use, please, registered option) to someone trusted, someone YOU KNOW will appreciate it and will create also a TIME_piece and will forward it to another frrriend … “

Chain re_action?

I imagine this will be very slow process, sooo I thought of another way to participate for anybody interested: using some fragments from original recordings and evolved sequences (as separated stems from ANOWE etc) available under AN_EXPANDIL version here:


Special thoughts to David Velez and Bowie for reminding me that there is never too late for initializing the projects forgotten looong time in the drawer of my mind ... thanksssssssss



all rights reserved


TH_TIMEPEACE Clare, Ireland

... there is a broken alarm_clock time-traveling around the globe ... It has a potential of generating sounds: if it is awaken through hearing its inner sounds, it listens to the surrounding environments too ... You might receive "it" unexpectedly, treat it gently and with respect, it might be another lifeform ...
"It" will love you for that.

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